Tri-County Stockdale 2017 Event Schedule

January 13-19              Brid Seed Sale

February 10-16            Love your Pet: everything for your pet on sale

March 3-9                    Pre-order Show feeds and sale

April 6                         Lawn Seminar

April 21-27                   Chick Days

May 5-11                      Hanging Basket Sale

June 14                       Weed identification Video Premiere

June 15-16                   Weed Control Sale

July 14-20                    Warehouse Sale

August 10                    Feed Plot Video Premiere

August 11-17                Feed plot Frenzy

September 27-29         Fall Fest: Corn stalks, pumpkins, hardy mums

October 13-19              Layena Sale

November 23-24          Holiday Open House

December 14               Pictures with Santa